Do You Need Breast Augmentation Revision?

Breast augmentation is a popular form of cosmetic surgery. Being as sought after as it is, it is inevitable that there will be patients who will either need or want to have a revision done.

Not every woman requires breast augmentation revision for the same reasons. For the majority of patients, the reason is that they wish to modify the shape, size, or placement of the implant. Another common reason is to correct a condition known as capsular contracture.


Still other patients develop an issue that necessitates a change. Examples include an implant that has deflated or ruptured, asymmetry of the implants or general malposition. Bottoming out is another reason why a revision would need to be performed, as is symmastia (also known as bread loafing).

Whatever your reason for requiring a second operation, you want the results to make you look fantastic and make you feel out of this world! The revision of implants is often more involved and complex than the primary breast augmentation operation and needs to be undertaken by a plastic surgeon who is board-certified and has sufficient experience. You may decide to have the same cosmetic doctor do your second operation as your first, or you may wish to find a new physician. Choose a surgeon for the revision very carefully, as this follow-up operation brings with it challenges that the initial one did not.

Selecting implants that are too large for your body is a reason some patients undergo a second breast augmentation procedure. Spend as much time as you require in your consultation discussing what your goals are for size for your new and improved bosom. Listen to what the plastic surgeon has to say to you when it comes to recommending an implant size.

Having a follow-up cosmetic operation to bring about an alteration often costs more than the first surgery. This is because it is more sophisticated in nature and generally takes longer to perform. The more complex it is, the more you can expect to pay. It is dependent upon the circumstances that make having another operation necessary.

A lady who needs to realize a change in the size or style of the inserts she has yet is content with the position, may find that the expense is near the cost for the starting surgery. Then again, if the revision operation is attempted to remedy capsular contracture and the arrangement must be adjusted, the cost will hop. In the event that you have the position moved from subglandular to subpectoral, the work will be more far reaching and take a more extended time. This plays a role in the final price tag.

Talk with the plastic surgeon about your set of circumstances. Tell him your concerns and together you can come up with a plan of action regarding what needs to take place to correct the problem you are facing.

You may decide to choose a different plastic surgeon for your breast Implant revision than the one who previously performed your primary operation. If that is the case, you must discuss the details of your previous . Remember, your positive thinking during breast implant revision, can give you satisfying results.

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